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Data Switch Save Battery Easy / Data Easy PRO

WARNING for Android LOLLIPOP users: Mobile Connection Cycle Works only on Rooted Devices.

One of the functions that use a lot of battery is the data connection.

This application is useful to stay in sync, save battery, data traffic and money.

It allows you to cyclically connect to the Mobile Network or to the Wifi one to synchronize e-mail, appointments, contacts, program data, etc.

With the "Cycle when Screen Off, Connect on Screen On" option Checked you can have Automatic Connection when Screen is On and Cyclically Connection when Screen is Off; you can forget to switch the connections!

With the "Cyclically connect regardless screen state" option checked you can Cyclically Connect when you are using the device, for example, while you're watching a movie.

If a Wifi connection is available it will take precedence over the Mobile one, to save data traffic and money in case of not-flat rates.

You can also enable sounds and vibration alerts, enable and disable notifications (PRO), set start at the boot, suspend the cycle and enable connections when the device is Plugged, set the type of connection you want when you turn on the screen or the device is Plugged or Unplugged and set the times at which the cycle is suspended.

The application installs three WIDGETS (a small, a medium and a big one) that allows you to activate the cyclic connection or turn on/off quickly the Mobile and Wifi Connections.

To be synchronized and save battery power, for example, set "Activate Data Connection" every 10 minutes and "Keep Data Connection Alive" for 45 seconds.

Advanced PRO Functions:

. option to set how many minutes activate data connection
. option to set how many seconds keep data connection alive
. option to disable notifications

Advanced features will be developed in the future...

Privacy Policy


Using this app you grant this permission to the app:
.android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE (read the state of the phone) necessary to toggles the Connections.
The application has been developed so as not to transmit the developer or to third parties any data about your contacts or other sensitive user data.
The author does not collect, do not keep for him and don’t disclose any user data.
The source code was developed in such a way that the developer does not access to sensitive user data, not keeps to himself and does not transmit sensitive user data to third parties.
If you note you that the application is in violation of the rules of privacy can report this to the developer by email.
Thank You

Data Switch Save Battery Easy Lite

Data Switch Save Battery Easy PRO
Bookmarks Easy Import / Bookmarks Easy Import PRO

This program import Bookmarks from a ".htm" file exported from a Pc Browser, then you can open links in your favorite Browser.

This program, if your Stock Browser manage it, IMPORT FOLDERS TOO; it has been tested with ".htm" files exported from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera Browser.

The import function in the Stock Android Browser Database could not run on some devices; in this scenario the program works with a proprietary database where the folders will be managed.

Your privacy is guaranteed, nothing will be uploded to any server.


Users of non-rooted devices can open links in their favorite Browser using program's interface; in this scenario the program works with a proprietary database.


You can use Bookmarks directly from Stock Browser; of course you can open links in yours favorite Browser using program's interface.

USAGE (not-rooted and rooted devices):

You must first export your Pc Browser's Bookmarks to a ".htm" file (example: with Microsoft Internet Explorer use: Menu-> File-> Import and Export-> Export to a file-> Favorites) then copy "bookmark.htm" to any folder on the device; then run the program and select that file.

Advanced Functions include:

. FULL imported Bookmarks utilization.
. option to SORT ALPHABETICALLY Stock Browser's Bookmarks also without importing anything.

. option to ONLY DELETE Stock Browser's Bookmarks without importing anything (USEFUL FOR CLEANING UP).

. option to MANUAL BACKUP Android Stock Browser's Bookmarks and History.

. option to RESTORE Android Stock Browser's Bookmarks and History from previous backup.