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Data Switch Save Battery Easy / Data Easy PRO

WARNING for Android LOLLIPOP users: Mobile Connection Cycle Works only on Rooted Devices.

One of the functions that use a lot of battery is the data connection.

This application is useful to stay in sync, save battery, data traffic and money.

It allows you to cyclically connect to the Mobile Network or to the Wifi one to synchronize e-mail, appointments, contacts, program data, etc.

With the "Cycle when Screen Off, Connect on Screen On" option Checked you can have Automatic Connection when Screen is On and Cyclically Connection when Screen is Off; you can forget to switch the connections!

With the "Cyclically connect regardless screen state" option checked you can Cyclically Connect when you are using the device, for example, while you're watching a movie.

If a Wifi connection is available it will take precedence over the Mobile one, to save data traffic and money in case of not-flat rates.

You can also enable sounds and vibration alerts, enable and disable notifications (PRO), set start at the boot, suspend the cycle and enable connections when the device is Plugged, set the type of connection you want when you turn on the screen or the device is Plugged or Unplugged and set the times at which the cycle is suspended.

The application installs three WIDGETS (a small, a medium and a big one) that allows you to activate the cyclic connection or turn on/off quickly the Mobile and Wifi Connections.

To be synchronized and save battery power, for example, set "Activate Data Connection" every 10 minutes and "Keep Data Connection Alive" for 45 seconds.

Advanced PRO Functions:

. option to set how many minutes activate data connection
. option to set how many seconds keep data connection alive
. option to disable notifications

Advanced features will be developed in the future...

Privacy Policy


Using this app you grant this permission to the app:
.android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE (read the state of the phone) necessary to toggles the Connections.
The application has been developed so as not to transmit the developer or to third parties any data about your contacts or other sensitive user data.
The author does not collect, do not keep for him and don’t disclose any user data.
The source code was developed in such a way that the developer does not access to sensitive user data, not keeps to himself and does not transmit sensitive user data to third parties.
If you note you that the application is in violation of the rules of privacy can report this to the developer by email.
Thank You

Data Switch Save Battery Easy Lite

Data Switch Save Battery Easy PRO

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  1. I'm working on a new release with a lot of new features; stay tuned.


  2. Release 2.4 is ready.

    This is a major release.

    New User Interface Ice Cream Sandwich / Jelly Bean (API 4.0) with various graphical enhancements and new icons.

    New Option to suspend the Cycle and activate Connections when the device is Plugged.

    New Option to set the times at which the cycle is suspended.

    New Options to set the type of connection you want when you turn on the screen or the device is Plugged and Unplugged.

    New Option to activate Vibration.

    Ability to scroll through the pages by dragging.

    Improved menu.

    Fixed some minor bugs.

  3. Release 2.5 is ready.

    Added message of connection time saved during the cycle.

    Inserted message of cycle seconds elapsed (only for option "Always Cycles regardless Screen State").

    Fixed bug that, if the option "Suspend the Cycle When Plugged" was checked, when the device starts (if connected), activated connections even if the option "start at boot" was not set.

    Improved performance.

    Various improvements.

    Fixed some minor bugs.

  4. Release 2.7 is ready.

    Fixed some minor bugs

    Small interface changes

    Added "Share App" menu

  5. Relaase 2.8 is ready.

    Fixed a bug in "Share App" function: sometimes the picture can't be send

    Increase to 10 seconds the timeout in the attempt to connect to Wifi

  6. I'm working on release 2.9 with improved performances and a lot of new things; stay tuned.


  7. Data Easy release 2.9

    Performances Improved

    Various improvements to the interface

    Changed the behavior of Mobile and Wifi buttons, now do not interrupt the cycle but switch connections on/off

    Changed the behavior of the Stop button, now stops the cycle but does not stops the connections

    Improved the control of Wifi presence and increased to 15 seconds the timeout in the attempt to connect to Wifi

    Many options are now editable even when the cycle is active

    When you change the Screen On/Unplugged and Plugged options the connections are activated congruent with the new settings

    Bug fixed: if option "Suspend the cycle When Plugged" selected when the screen was turned on the connection where not activated

  8. Data Easy release 3.0

    Migliorato il controllo presenza Wifi e aumentato il timeout nel tentativo connessione, portato a 20 secondi

    Corretto errore che interrompeva il ciclo quando si apriva l'applicazione (quando impostata l'opzione "Cyclically connect regardless of screen state")

    Modificato colore label widget per evidenziare il tipo di ciclo selezionato


  9. Data Easy release 3.1

    The size of the widgets have been modified to take up less space in the Home Page

    In the names of the widgets have been added size (some launcher does not show the dimensions in the choice of widgets)

    Bug fixed: when the device starts (if "Start at boot" option is set), if you left the screen locked, connections remained active and cyclic connection is not activated.

  10. Data Easy release 3.2

    This is a Major Release.

    changed the user interface and the icons

    new configuration management

    changed the menu

    added the menu button on the toolbar of the Application


  11. Data Easy release 3.3

    This is a Major Release.


    New Windget 1x1 (Thanks to dxduno suggestion)
    Added the option to delay the disconnect when you turn off the screen (useful for example when you are using a Chat App and you're waiting for a quick response)
    Changed the App title color
    Added support for tablets


    Improved performance
    Improved updating Widgets
    Graphical improvements
    Changed the sound volume (less invasive)
    Modified Widgets alignment
    Fixed minor bugs




  13. I solved the problem with the connection with Lollipop, unfortunately will only work for devices with root permissions; better than nothing!

    Soon I will release the update.

    Stay connected


  14. Data Easy release 3.4 has been released today.

    Fixed Android Lollipop mobile connection (for Rooted Devices only)
    Fixed minor bugs


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