mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Answer Call Home button Easy / Answer Call Easy PRO

With this application you can:

  • answer the call with the Home button
  • reject the Call with the Back key

You can use this App even if your device already has the built-in option to answer the call with the Home button; this App has the added ability to reject the call using the back key.


If the Home button doesn't work with your device, you can use an alternative "Buttons Choice" option.

If the App don't start correctly when the phone is ringing you can adjust the Start Delay option by setting a longer value.

This app is clearly not compatible with all devices: I personally tested and works with Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Notes II (stock Samsung).

When the phone is ringing you can:
  • answer calls with the configured button.
  • reject Call with the configured button.
  • use then Cancel button: this is useful if you want reject the call by sending a text message.
  • use the Menu key to Answer call, Reject Call and Cancel (only if option "Menu key to answer" is not selected and your device support it).

Advanced PRO Functions:

  • no Wait Message when phone is ringing
  • option to don't show Pop-up message

Privacy Policy


Using this app you grant this permission to the app:
.android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE (read the state of the phone) necessary to answer calls.
The application has been developed so as not to transmit the developer or to third parties any data about your contacts or other sensitive user data.
The author does not collect, do not keep for him and don’t disclose any user data.
The source code was developed in such a way that the developer does not access to sensitive user data, not keeps to himself and does not transmit sensitive user data to third parties.
If you note you that the application is in violation of the rules of privacy can report this to the developer by email.
Thank You