lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Task Manager Note 2/S3 Shortcut

### THIS APP IS ONLY FOR Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 or other Samsung compatible devices ###

Special Offer: if you install Full Screen Pic Picture Viewer for Free you will get Task Manager Note 2 Shortcut without annoying pop-up forever.

This is a link to the original Samsung App's icon missing on Samsung GS3 and Notes II.

If installed on compatible Samsung device (eg Galaxy S2) where the icon is already present, adds the ability to activate the Task Manager from the notification bar.

It allows you to access the Task manager through the app drawer, the homescreen and the notifications bar without having to long-press the home button.

This application, unlike other similar, does not show the launcher shortcut in the list of applications of Samsung Task manager.

It will be also installed an Help icon through which you can activate or deactivate the notification and share the app with your friends.

The donate version without pop-up is faster than the free one when starting the Task Manager from the notifications bar and includes the translation of the label of the App congruent to the language set on your device.

Currently supported languages are:


If your language is not present in this list, please let me know that I will provide to insert it; tell me the name of your language (as it appears in the list of the languages that you can set on your device) and the label that should appear below the Task manager icon.

Please report even if some translation is not correct.

Task Manager S3 Note2 Shortcut DONATE

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  1. Task Manager Note 2 Shortcut release 1.8

    Reduced the frequency of pop-up in the free version.

    Notification is disabled by default.

    When the App starts for the first time is activate the Help page where is possible to activate or deactivate the notification.

  2. Nice app. It works well to my note 2

  3. 노트2인데 원래 있는건 위젯으로 나오게 할 수 밖에 없고
    어플로는 찾을 수 없어서 dvr로 아이콘바꾸기도 안되고
    오리지널 위젯은 모양이 구리구리해서 받았더니..

  4. Very Good เยี่ยมเรยยคับ อิอิ

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  6. How do I import bookmarks from chrome to Bookmark App?